Young China Plates | RADII

A monthly series in which we digest the latest food and drink trends making young Chinese people’s mouths water.

SupChina Eats | SupChina

A weekly food column covers recipes, Chinese cooking skills, and interesting food stories.

Sleep No More: Why Tired Chinese Youth are Going Punk to Tackle Their Sleep Problems | RADII

Having sleep problems? So are 300 million people in China. And here’s how they tackle the problems with punk health & TCM.

Young Chinese Urbanites Are Coming Up With Novel Ways to Grow Vegetables at Home | RADII

“When you feel depressed or sad, try growing vegetables. It will definitely bring you happiness.”

The (Very Quiet) Rise of China’s Young Introverts | RADII

What happens when you suffer from social anxiety (phobia) in one of the world’s most populated countries?


他/TA/X也: What Pronouns Do Chinese Queer People Use? | RADII

“Gender-neutral pronouns such as TA make us not need to define others”

Here’s How Visually Impaired People in China ‘Watch’ Movies | RADII

Watching a film is something many of us take for granted. For China’s visually impaired, it requires the help of a film narrator.

The Unspeakable Pain of Period Poverty and Shame in China | RADII

A set of 100 package-free pads has kicked off a wider discussion about menstrual health in China

Can a Major Music Streaming App Help Remedy China’s Mental Health Services Deficit? | RADII

In a country lacking widely available mental health services, some experts feel big data can help fill the gap

Infective endocarditis, a side effect of the injection drug crisis is on the rise in Illinois, posing financial and ethical concerns | Chicago Reporter

Amid the high cost of hospitalizing an increasing number of young people suffering from the infection, doctors express reluctance to treat patients likely to resume drug use that will put them at greater risk in the future.

Art and music

The Thriving Dreampop Music Scene in “China’s Los Angeles” | RADII

Emerging in the U.K. in the late 1980s, dreampop and shoegaze made their way to China in the ’90s and have found a home in the nation’s South.

Why Can’t Mando-pop King Jay Chou Take Chinese Music Global? | Pandaily

As popular as Jay Chou might be in Chinese communities, Mando-pop stars haven’t been able to make Chinese music go global.

Chicago’s Mural Registry Growing In Some Neighborhoods, But Art Vs. Graffiti Debate Leaves Others Behind | Block Club Chicago

During October’s Chicago Artists Month, supporters of public art want to make it easier for people from all neighborhoods to preserve their community’s colorful murals.


Ice Ice Lady: Meet the Woman Bringing Ice Hockey to Wuhan’s Youth | RADII

“Ice hockey actually suits girls better because it teaches them to be tough and not to sit back when facing obstacles”

Meet the Gen Z Designer Turning E-Waste into Art | RADII

“It’s a new way to deal with e-waste. I think this industry has a potential market and it is a growing trend”

Jamie Pea: The “Food Librarian” Creating a New Encyclopedia of Chinese Vegetables | RADII

The chef and writer is documenting the amazing array of Chinese vegetables in preparation for an illustrated encyclopedia

Breaking news

Tax-cheat whistleblowers raking in record reward money under expanding legal protections | MarketWatch

Since last year, IRS whistleblowers have been encouraged by larger awards and new legal protections

Americans fearful of losing benefits under new SNAP rules | UPI

More than 600,000 may lose their federal food benefits in Oregon, one of the states with the highest percentage of SNAP recipients — almost half involving families with children, according to federal statistics.

Marijuana retailers ask Congress for financial reform, access to banks | UPI

Owners of cannabis companies said they are forced by federal law to operate as cash-only businesses, making it difficult to pay taxes and creating safety concerns.

Never had a food allergy? You may develop one in adulthood | Medill Reports Chicago

A new study shows one of around 13 million adults in the U.S. developed at least one food allergy during adulthood.


Green Card Lottery Winners Challenge Trump’s Immigration Ban | Borderless Magazine

Trump’s executive order has kept 37,000 Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery winners from coming to the US.

‘Irredeemably dysfunctional and on the brink of collapse’: A journey through Chicago’s immigration court | Pacific Standard

Far from the border, Chicago’s Immigration Court reveals the failings of the nation’s asylum system.


‘Rip-off’: What you should know about Parent PLUS Loans, and why they hurt HBCU students | USA Today

The program’s administrators aren’t required to check whether families can handle the debt. It’s a problem that hits African American parents particularly hard.

Six-figure parent loans: When college dreams for students mean nightmarish debt for family | USA Today

The federal government’s Parent PLUS program helps make attending college a reality, closing the gap between the cost of college and what the student receives in grants and other loans. But the program can cause economic complications especially for low-income black families.


Homeless trans and non-binary people are unsheltered at higher rates | SOJOURNERS

Most transgender and non-binary individuals who experience homelessness nationally are unsheltered at a much higher rate than homeless people who identify with their birth gender.

Losing things: Holding on to possessions is a daily struggle, with deeper symbolism, for homeless people | Social Justice News Nexus

The number of homeless people appears to have increased notably in Licking County, especially in the revitalized downtown Newark area in Ohio. When surviving day to day is so precarious, losing one’s belongings can make it that much harder to survive and try to make it out of homelessness. 

SRO is first step for homeless woman | StreetWise

It took two homeless people months to get homes through a housing program. It’s still faster than most cases.

Chasing the ghost: the struggle to stay drug-free | Medill Reports Chicago

Profiled a heroin user who has been addicted for 14 years and trying to stay drug-free in the U.S. growing heroin crisis

Every night out in the cold: volunteers count the city’s homeless | Medill Reports Chicago

Documented the first-time volunteer experience for the annual homeless count in Chicago

Wound care for the homeless: a long and painful path | Social Justice News Nexus

People who are chronically homeless are especially at risk of wounds, often related to poor health and living on the streets. Injecting heroin, accidents and diseases like congestive heart failure can all cause or exacerbate wounds

Indigenous communities

Self identification or tribal membership: different paths to your heritage | Kalihwisaks

The identity of Native Americans is not that easy to understand, especially with a long history of intermarriage and the blood quantum requirement for tribal membership

Navajo weavers | Webpage